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Atlas Bay Company Ltd. is dedicated to providing its client with the highest quality service available within its specialized division such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Instrumentaion, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Telecommunication, Process and Pipe Lines,Building Technology and Information Technology. It is our common goal of providing this level of excellence to our clients that unites all of our professional groups and instills a sense of self-worth, high employee morale and a customer perception of market permanence. We will continue to strive forward to ensure that our services are at all times delivered with quality and customers satisfaction.


Mechanical systems Design & Engineering, Structural Fabrication, Pipr Rack Erection...


Electrical Power distribution for low & medium voltage systems, design and installation.Switch gears...


Supply, Supervision and Construction of Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Roads, Railways...


Pneumatic instruments with piping, Direct Digital Control System (DDCS), Tubing Installation...


Air-conditioning and Ventilation, HVAC, Boiler System Establishing, Installation of various...

Fire Fighting

Supply and Installatin of Fire Fighting System, Water based Fire Protection System...

Information Technology

Provide services and components required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments.

Process & Pipe Lines

Field hydro testing, Drying, Cryogenic or Membrane Nitrogen Purging, Air Blowing, Dewatering...

Cloud Services

Provide a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customers over the internet.

Mechanical Activities
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Pipe Rack Erection
  • Piping Prefabrication
  • RTR Prefabrication and Installation
  • Pipe Line Laying and Erection.
  • Pressure Vessels and Skids
  • Mechanical System Design
  • Installation of various types of pumps
Electrical Activities
  • LV Panels / Room, Bus Bar Risers
  • Cables and Wires
  • Low Current & Central Battery System
  • CCTV and SMTV System
  • Structured Cabling
  • Lighting Control System
  • Earthing System & Lightning Protection
  • MV Cable and HV Cable Splicing
Civil Activities
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial and Institutional Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • Roads, Railways and Bridges
  • Canals, Aqueducts and Viaducts
  • Landscaping
Instrumentation & Tubing Activities
  • Pneumatic instruments with piping
  • Direct Digital Control System (DDCS)
  • Tubing Installations
  • Hot Oil flushing
  • Threading and Cunning
  • Instrument cable tray installation
  • Termination
  • Leak Testing (Tubing)
Process & Pipe Line Activities
  • Field hydro testing
  • Air Blowing & Drying
  • Cryogenic Nitrogen Purging
  • Bolt Tensioning / Torquing
  • Dewatering
  • Pipe Line Cleaning
  • Flusing and Retro Jetting
  • Conventional Flooding and Gauging
Fire Fighting Activities
  • Supply of Fire Fighting System
  • Installation of Fire Fighting System
  • Water based Fire Protection System
  • Foam based Fire Protection System
  • Gase based Fire Protection System (FM200, NOVEC, Inter Gas, Aerosol)
  • Wet Chemical (Kitchen Hood) Systems (As per NFPA 17A UL300)
  • Dry and Wet Riser System